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-- November, 2014


slate chimney shoulders
Hello, I found pictures of slate chimney shoulders on your website and I am very interested in this
for a new stucco chimney I am doing. I was wondering if you use any kind
of flashing between the house walls and the stone, or if the stucco goes right on top
of the stucco and abuts the house wall.


I found it impractical or impossible to
flash these shoulders, so we but the stone
tight to the existing house or the
brown coat.

The only way to flash the stone would
be but the stone to the framing before
you lath the house, assuming you
were stuccoing the whole house.

I'm glad you like the stone chimney shoulder idea.

I copied the stone shoulders from the houses in Chevy
Chase, a town in Maryland and an area of Washington, DC.

A lot of the old chimneys in Chevy Chase were done this way.

Most old stucco or brick chimney shoulders
are deteriorated, but the stone shoulders are
still in good shape after 100 years.

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