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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- November, 2014

         Re-securing the brick before stucco
We are doing an extensive renovation that required tearing down about 3/4 of the exterior walls of our home.  We have added new walls and we want to stucco over the brick left on the remaining walls.  The problem is that some of the remaining brick appears to be coming away from the house where is it was severed from the walls that were demolished for the renovation.  Will stucco over the brick re-secure it to the house or must we re-secure the brick before we stucco over the old brick or should we just remove all of the brick?  If we need to re-secure the old brick what is the best way to accomplish that task?  Thanks so much for any advice you might have!


You can reattach the brick by using brick ties. Sometimes the old nails fail on the wood framing holding the brick ties on. (I'm assuming the brick is brick veneer on wood framing). You can knock holes in the wall, nail on the tie and fill the hole with brick and mortar. If you have brick veneer over block you can do the same thing, and backfill the wall with mortar. I wouldn't do it if the bricks were way out of plumb. I would try to save the brick as much as possible because there is nothing better to stucco over than brick or block. You get a solid wall that won't crack. Thanks for visiting my site. Please check back again.