2 coats vs 3 coats of stucco

Ask the pros- November, 2001
By Reggie Bullard


Are there any advantages/disadvantages besides cost in using 2 coats (base and finish - 3/8") vs 3 coats (brown/scratch/finish-7/8") hard stucco.

  I have never done the thin coat stucco. 
  There is a pre mixed portland product called 
one coat stucco that is applied thin and  your scratch and brown can be done at the same  time. Although a portland cement finish 
probably bonds fine, I have seen this done  with a synthetic finish. I have yet to see a  job done this way that doesn't look like the ocean, but I think that is mostly because it is applied 
by inexperienced people, like EIFS workers. 

One reason I doubt I'll ever do this is there isn't  enough room to straighten the wall to make up  for irregularities in the framing or blocks. 
Even with 3/4" it is necessary to fill in thicker  or thinner to kill the bumps and waves in the  wall. It isn't unusual to find framing that is 
1-1/2" or more out of true. Also, I don't  think you can beat a portland cement finish. 

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