Stucco or block

Ask the pros- November, 2001
By Reggie Bullard





                    Stucco on old blocks

 I am looking for a way to upgrade the appearance of my cinder block wall (fence) and the cinder block walls of an addition on my house.  The cinder block wall (fence) has not been painted, but the house addition which is also constructed of cinder blocks has been painted.  Can cinder block be stuccoed over?  Is this a project for a Do-It-Yourselfer? Also, the original house stucco has unfortunately been painted and is starting to peel away.  What options do I have in refinishing the walls?

No, this isn't a project for a Do-It-Yourselfer. You need to find someone 
experienced to do it. 

Your cinder block fence that has never been painted is no problem. 
Since blocks were invented for a plaster base, mortar bonds  fine and goes on fast.  On block, we never (that's a lie, maybe rarely) get any cracks. 

Unfortunately, when the blocks have been painted, it is a little more complicated. 
Don't ever let anybody talk you into putting on a paint-on chemical bonder or bonding agent  on the painted block. It will fail and the stucco will pop off. 

I have a great method for stucco over painted brick or block in the future:


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