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Info on Stucco and Plastering-- August, 2006 -  twenty-third big issue !

King's Dominion

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King's Dominion
Looks like stone? fooled you. Integral color cement stucco with two colors looks like stone.
I took my camera to King's Dominion,
(a theme park in Doswell, VA) to take some photos of the fine workmanship there.
Click here or on the picture for more.

                  ceiling medallion
Dave  sends a picture of his cool ceiling
artistic stucco
Nora from JasoLudviksen, Inc. architects in Seattle sends this picture of some cool stucco on one of their projects

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 Ask the pros
by Reggie Bullard
Mystic secrets revealed.
I get at least 3 good questions a week. Here are a couple. I try toanswer everybody. 
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Stucco over painted block

Re-color coat- new color coat falling off

Walking on spanish tile roofs

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