Synthetic stucco finish isn't green

More about Material Safety Data Sheets

In 2002, Dryvit corporation had a chemical spill of synthetic stucco finish at it's plant in Rhode Island. Since then Manufacturer MSDS's comment have instructions not to allow synthetic finish to run into sewers and water ways, and to have inert absorbant material on hand. Dryvit says: Waste from this material may be a listed and/or characteristic hazardous waste. Dispose of material, contaminated absorbent, container and unused contents in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Here is their MSDS for SandPepple finish:

Note in the event of skin contact rinse area for 20 minutes and seek medical help. I know someone whose forearms swelled up to the size of footballs working with this stuff.

What are VOC's ?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound

One of the goals of green building is to reduce the use of materials containing VOC's, or a high VOC content. Acrylic paint is an example of a material with high VOC's, and efforts are being made to reduce the VOC content in these paints. If you check out the Dryvit MSDS above you'll see their finish is high in VOC's. STO has removed the VOC information from their MSDS.

What the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says about VOC's

More manufacturer Safety Data Sheets:

Total Wall


A couple more from STO:

StoCoat Acryl Plus

Sto Fine Sand Finish

There are more and more and more.

I have written about synthetic stucco finishes being toxic before. I felt compelled to write about them again. It is different when a small builder in Fairfax, Virginia claims a house is green when it is not, and a major corporation trying to claim a green image for toxic, hazardous materials.

I wasn't getting many hits back then, either. I don't know what is worse, Non earth friendly building or false advertizing.