Water stains in house due to crack in stucco ?

No, a crack in the stucco won't cause a leak inside. The solution is to look up.
Recently painted eaves (soffits) are already peeling, indicating a roof leak, perhaps due to a cracked tile.

Recently painted eaves (soffits) are already peeling, indicating a roof leak, perhaps due to a cracked tile.

heinous crack is a result of the roof leak

The heinous crack is a result of the roof leak, and not the cause of the water stains inside

Hi Reggie, I found your site and thought I would try to get some help. I have two identical windows above (bathroom) and downstairs (family room). Each is about 4 x 6'. I have shutters in my family room and because of the position of the window, I never open them. Until five years ago, when I found, to my horror, the drywall surround of the window was all lifted and bubbled and water stains. I got it patched (I thought) and then it leaked again, badly.

The end of 2011, I had the entire exterior of my 2-story house painted, and the painter found that the crack/channel was above my top window, and running down, finding an inroad at my lower window. He sealed it to the best of his ability and painted it. It's been fine since, though I still would go and look during (infrequent) hard rains.

However, I was cleaning the other day and found that there is a faint darker stain about 8" long on the top of the window (inside) and corner, and the plaster and paint have slightly cracked and lifted. I went outside and saw the heinous crack has reappeared.

I am a 70 year old woman living on SS and have no one to help me. Can you offer any reasonably priced suggestions? I had a can of this sealer called Stop Leak (or something similar) and sprayed it yesterday. It's dark gray, so I will reapply and then paint over it.

However, I don't think it will do the trick. ANY help or suggestions you can give will be so much appreciated and put you in my daily prayers!

Roof leak causes the crack and the stain inside.

The solution here is to look up. The water isn't coming in through the crack of the stucco on the outside. The heinous crack is a result of the leak and not the cause of the leak on the inside. What usually causes the problem is probably a failed ( or non existent ) drip edge on the roof, or a gutter that is stopped up with leaves. I don't know what your house looks like, but if this is a gable end, It could be from 1. lack of a drip edge, 2. the failure of the shingles to cover the edge, or possible a rotted fascia board, (these are called rake boards), lack of flashing over a horizontal trim board) or whatever. The reason I say this is because the crack is above the second story window. If a Spanish tile roof is cracked, it can probably be patched with some black goop. .I have a feeling a tile may have been cracked when the house was painted. Slamming a 40 foot tall ladder against the house can cause a lot of damage.