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info on Stucco and Plastering May ,2011
twenty-eighth big issue

Bonding stucco to stone

Chemical bonders    

The use of chemical bonders, like acrylic admixtures, make permanent bonding possible on different substrates, like flagstone.

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Plaster over
                  painted surfacesPaint on bonding agents
 such as euco-weld, USG plaster bonder, and plaster
weld, make plasteringover old painted walls possible,
and permanent.

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How we mix California stucco color. My secret recipe is revealed !

1 color pack=
6 color packs=
4 100 lb. bags
White sand
100 lb. bag

2 94 lb. bags
White Portland

1/2 50 lb. bag
stucco finish

613 pounds

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Artisan finishes: Don Latimer's great work .
Portland Cement Association      
Stucco Manufacturers Association A resource for three coat stucco.  
Minnesota lath & plaster bureau

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questions and answers              12 point list of methods for reducing cracks

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