Western One Kote Stucco

Ask the pros-May, 2004
By Reggie Bullard

 Hi.  We live in Arizona and our house was done with Western One Kote Stucco sometime in 1992.  We have tried almost everything but it seems to leak almost everywhere.

 There seem to be lots of problems with elastomeric coverings as many contractors here won't even use them.

 Is there a way to restucco the house -- and have it bond to the existing stucco (there's only one coat, remember).  I know that the existing paint on the house is an issue, but I don't even know where to start... Could you please help me?

I am afraid the only way to fix your leaking is lath and stucco is to
tear off the whole thing.
It may be worthwhile to tear off the one coat to check for damage.
One-coat is popular here- but we don't do it.

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