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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- August, 2012

          Water funnels ?

Water funnel in Washington DC
Water funnel 
Some building have water funnels built in by design. This stucco has been patched umpteen times over the years, and it still needs to be patched.
The problem here is that water is getting in the first and second story windows, and deteriorating the plaster.
A simple kick-out flashing diverting water into the gutter would avoid this problem forever. Maybe we'll
fix it one day.
The point I am making here is that the water funnel is both the cause of the inside leak and the stucco failing, and that the stucco failing isn't the cause of the water inside.

another stucco
            water funnel
         A common water funnel is that the stucco protrudes past the step flashing on roof lines.

This can be corrected by a kickout flashing.

Please check out the pictures I got below.

The insurance adjuster felt water was getting in the cracks in the stucco, causing rot.

They got mad at me-ee-ee when I suggested that the water was getting in the roof, causing both
rot inside and water damage to the stucco on the outside. 


Insurance claim for water damaged stucco

Insurance claim for water damaged stucco
Insurance claim for water damaged stucco

I got this message back when Swami was in his hey day, and getting 20,000 hits a month.
I had the names of the homeowner and the insurance adjuster on the PDF file they sent, and
a web search for their names turned up my site as number 1 in the search engines.
The homeowner said he would sue me if I deleted the file. If he asked nice, I would have deleted it anyway.
I wish I left it up and would sue me.
The point I am trying to make is that water runs downhill. and it would be impossible for the water
to travel horizontally through the wall.