Where are they now?

Photos of a few interesting stucco buildings in the
Washington, DC area, revisited.

Sad news.

lath and
                stucco ceiling in Arlington, Virginia modern
My home page back in March, 2002 had a picture of this incredible ornate lath and stucco ceiling in Arlington,
Virginia. With colored cement and colored terrazzo inlays, This ceiling was a true masterpiece.
Sadly, it was torn down and a modern addition was built in it's place.
horrible stucco work
sloppy mess Arlington VA
What is sad to the point of pathetic is this horrible work
that someone pawned off as stucco. Some inexperienced person slopped cement on the blocks
and wiped it with a brush.
This sloppy mess is already falling apart. The morons
slopped this on between all the windows right at eye level. Note how the design allows for excess water infiltration.  Doesn't this make you want to puke ?
                Circle theater Washington DC stucco
                  cupola in Washington, DC
Another sob story: The Outer Circle theater on Wisconsin Ave. in Washington DC was torn down. The wild stucco
facade is now just a memory.

Now, a TD Bank sits here.
Not  in my 2002 column, but equally pukeworthy is this
beautiful hand done stucco cupola in Washington, DC.
Everything was hand tooled, with elaborate corners and
columns. A few little cracks, and a few crooked lines, the
natural color cement finish still looks impressive.
What is pukeable, is that the plan to tear this off and
build some flimsy metal stud and EIFS substitute.
Please click on the picture or here for a larger view.
Formstone in Washington, DC
Here is the building from my last issue showing the bronze Formstone plaque. Sad but true, they are tearing off the Formstone, and the plaque is gone.

BTW, if you are in the Washington, DC area, the building is on the corner of Rhode Island Ave. and New Jersey Ave., NW.