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-- March, 2012

Hi. I am trying to get an estimate as soon as possible. I got your email
off of the Reston Association page.  
This problem came up as a result of a home inspection. I am trying to sell my

house and the buyers have requested that I fix this problem. I have attached

some pictures. Let me know if you need more.

This is what the home buyers requested:
 Stucco on exterior is chipped and moisture detected in inside wall. Repair area including
but not limited to side wall to the front of bldg. Repair to be done by a licensed specialist
in stucco repair and finished to match existing surface.

Stucco cracks in Reston VA

Water infiltration causing the  leaking in the house is coming from a failed roof flashing.

The excessive cracks in the stucco are another result
of roof leaking and not the cause of the problem.

Almost all townhouses built in Reston, Virginia during
the early 1970's have bad flashing.
Bad coping in
                    Reston Virginia 
In this case the finish is flush with
the end wall causing water damage.

In some cases the finish sticks out past the edge of the flashing.

This flashing is easy to correct.

It is just a matter of drilling out the rivets and extending the bottom flashing out past the face of the end wall abiout 3/4" or so.

Another typical Reston, VA townhouse.

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Bad coping in Reston Virginia