Info on Stucco and Plastering-- August 2012 -  thirty-fourth big issue !

Where are they now ?

I wrote a column about interesting stucco buildings in the Washington, DC area back in March, 2002.  Some were torn down, some weren't.
             Here is the fate of some of these buildings:

stucco on
                        Tivoli theater Washington DC
stucco on
                        Tivoli theater Washington DC
                      stucco              SWAMI STUCCO
The Tivoli theater fell into abandonment and
disrepair, but the stucco work and the ornamental plaster were incredible.
I know someone whose father was a plasterer
from Ireland who worked here.
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The Tivoli has undergone a renovation, and
is a jewel In the Columbia Heights area of
Washington, DC. Unfortunately, in the inside plaster is gone, but the outside has been revived. It is now a shopping area.
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Mystic secrets revealed !
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lath and stucco
                        carousel Arlington, Virginia
fake carousel
                        Arlington, Virginia


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Water funnels ?

The cool old lath and stucco carousel is gone
on Peck Chevrolet in Arlington, Virginia.
The building was torn down to make way for
a modernistic office building.
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The old carousel was mimicked with plastic
and drywall. At least the ceiling was remembered. Some of these buildings didn't
receive the same treatment.
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 great site:
What has happened to the steel industry ?    

Low quality chinese steel is threatening the construction

"Galvanized" Tie wire on the left is only 3 months old.

We used tie wire for years to frame suspended plaster ceilings, as well as to tie the metal lath to the channel iron framing. The canopy stucco ceilings you see on the front entrances of schools, hospitals, government buildings, etc. were done this way.
We don't get much call for these ceilings anymore, because the building industry has gone to other materials, such as cheap drywall, steel (what ?) and other materials.
     You can't beat the quality, dollar for dollar, for an exterior stucco ceiling. I am glad I don't do these ceilings any more, because I would hate to have blood on my hands when the ceiling fails due to bad chinese steel and kills somebody.
      Bad steel isn't limited to tie wire. Try a web search for bad Chinese steel, and see what you come up with.
Check out my videos.
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Artisan finishes: Don Latimer's great work.

Portland Cement Association      

Stucco Manufacturers Association
A resource for 3 coat stucco. 
        I am in Northern Virginia, in the Washington, DC area. These aren't just Virginia Stucco problems

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