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This month's columns
                 A tribute to Don Miles
                   and Milestone products
Cool stucco
Jacuzzi hand-crafted using portland cement,  sand and Milestone
I was real sorry to learn of Don Miles' death.
Don was a plasterer who experimented
constantly with acrylic additives in portland cement.
Don used to call and e-mail me from Seattle
promoting Milestone products.
Don was a great influence on our work here
in Virginia. Using acrylic additives in portland
cement has improved the quality of our product
 Click here to see some of Don Miles work.

I went to Seattle to for a workshop for
Milestone products, and to visit Don Latimer.
Click here for more 
Don Latimer, left prepares durock counter top,
while Mike prepares metal lath counter top.

Ask the pros
by Reggie Bullard

I get at least 3 good questions a week. Here are a couple. I try to answer everybody.
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Stains on stucco on a new house

Major cracking in stucco 

Is it stucco or fake?

Mike Hatfield from Hatfield Construction called looking
for info on "romanstone"
and "caenstone"old techniques
using plaster to duplicate limestone.If you have any info please e-mail me.

Sorry if I haven't
answered you. I was
buried with questions
in December, and
plan to catch up in the next few days.

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